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by Terriann Walling, Ramazan Saral, & George Gerard


In the circular world of Tegera, three travellers of timelessness meet. Through poetry, prose, and stories they flow between seven realms of existence, all illustrating that time and space are but an illusion and that fully existing involves freeing oneself from these restraints.  



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Terriann Walling

Terriann Walling holds an honours degree in English, a Bachelor's degree in Education, and a Master's Degree in English from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently a High School teacher with Saskatoon Public Schools in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She teaches at Bedford Road Collegiate with amazing staff and students (shout out to Bedford!). She has 4 fantastic kids, Noah, Liam, Claire and Hannah. Her main area of study is Twentieth Century American Literature and Literary Trauma Theory with a particular interest in modernism and William Faulkner. She is a writer and a poet whose passions lie in collaborative work, both academically as well as creatively.

Ramazan Saral

Ramazan Saral is a research assistant at the Department of English Language and Literature at Ege University, Turkey. He is currently a PhD candidate at the same department focusing on Romanticism, with a particular interest in the works of William Blake. He is the director of the English Drama Club. He teaches poetry and academic writing. 

George Gerard

George Gerard is currently a Product Manager in San Francisco, California. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Syracuse University. His main area of research study focused on human memory and emotion. He pursues his love of writing and art through collaborative partnership and discovery.


Tegera is a collection of collaborative poems and prose written by three individuals who live on different parts of the planet. As you journey through the book, you will realize that Tegera is not a classical poem book. The reader becomes a traveller and an active participant in the process of timelessness. You have the freedom to follow APEƩ, TaW, or GeoS through the seven realms of Tegera. You can choose to read the book linearly, or to choose your own path through Land, Forest, Shore, Sea, Mountain/Fire, Air/Space, and The Unknown. With complimentary celestial art created by the Turkish artist Yaren Gezer, this book will transport you to where you need to be.